中西 大輔, 横田 晋大, 中川 裕美, 大西 昭夫


Computer programmes to run laboratory experiments such as z-Tree or oTree are now popular for researchers of social science. One of the main reasons why those becomes generalised is to avoid a high cost of running the experiments such as using paper-and-pencils and human error in the procedure. However, the experiment using computer programmes have some limitations such as difficulty of learning programming and maintenance of a network circumstance. Thus, we developed a web programme Dokolemma that enable to run the computerised experiment using a social dilemma game. As Dokolemma built by PHP require no manpower for construction of experiments, it can avoid some human errors. While installing a server is required for Dokolemma, researchers can set up various parameters easily by GUI. Dokolemma is an open source software that researchers can install and customise its code free.

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