Instagram における「いいね!」が気分及び対人認知に及ぼす影響―大学生を対象とした場面想定法実験―

井川 純一, 中西 大輔





The present study investigated the effects of a “Like” on Instagram on mood and interpersonal cognition using a vignette experiment, among 294 university students. Participants experienced positive mood when the number of likes was hidden; however, viewing the number of likes had no effect on mood. Further, participants estimated others’ positive mood to be higher than their own; the higher the number of likes, the higher the number of friends estimated. However, there was no correlation between the number of likes and the estimate of the target person’s appearance or personality. These results suggest that despite the number of likes having a limited impact on interpersonal cognition, participants’ moods were influenced by excessive social comparisons.


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